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Huntsville Comic & Pop Culture Expo

Huntsville, Al – Actors, comic book legends and fans alike, will be coming to the VBC South Hall in Huntsville, Al coming the second weekend of March 9-10, 2019, for The Huntsville Comic & Pop Culture Expo 2019. It we be featuring celebrity guests, comic book creators, industry guests, cosplayers, artists, writers, panels, costume and cosplay contests, vendors, door prizes,anime and more!

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We've had some awesome guests in the past from power rangers to Kevin Sorbo to Joey Fatone and a ton of comic creators. This year we have more guests than we've had the last three years put together. We have another stellar lineup of Power Rangers (Walter Jones, Karan Ashley, Austin St. John, Catherine Sutherland, and David Fielding) ,the two main voice actors for DragonBall Z (Chris Sabat and Sean Schemmel), Lou Ferrigno, Michael Biehn, Jim Cummings, Wrestling Hall of Famers and a ton of comic creators. It's insane!

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Most people don’t have a chance to go to hollywood to meet the people that they watch in movies, tv shows, and anime everyday, but at comic con they do. That’s why we here at CNA appreciate comic conventions so much. Here we interview special guests and community icons that found or operate at several cons. We interviewed Mario Russo of Warner Robin Comic Con about his upcoming con on Sunday January 6th 2019.

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Jeremy Long please tell us the origin of Huntsville Comic & Pop Culture Expo?

Basically I buy and sell comics for a side hobby and there was no place to do it here in Huntsville. Talked to people and nobody seemed interested in doing it so I thought why not. Haven't looked back since.

How do you organize such a massive event that is always growing?

It takes a lot of work but it is a labor of love. I learn new things every year and so I'm always willing to change and adapt to make a better Expo.

How does your comic con vary from year to year?

We grow and learn from the previous year to make a bigger and better experience for the fans.

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Vendors are always interesting at comic con, do they contact you or did you track them down?

At first I would seek people out. Now that we are established I announce spots are open and applications are live and they contact us. Every year we sell out and end up with a huge waitlist for spots.

What type of panels will you be having this year at your comic con?

We will have celebrity panels as well as fan panels with everything from cosplaying to 3D printing to playing D&D and more.

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What should 1st time comic con goer’s expect to see this year?

A family friendly event that has something for everyone. Gaming, panels, workshops, cosplay, special guests, vendors, food trucks and much more.

Many con goer’s like to take their kids, What does your con offer for the young ones ?

We have a huge KidsCon area Saturday morning with exclusive programming for kids. We also have gaming rooms and a lot of other fun activities.

Is cosplay encouraged? Do you have a cosplay contest?

Absolutely we encourage it. From beginners to professionals we will have cosplay of every level. Our cosplay contest is Saturday with finals at 5:00 pm/

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Thank you Jeremy Long on keeping us informed on your upcoming comic con, CNA will make sure to be there and bring you video footage from this great con. We don’t want to give away any secrets but if you are a Daredevil, Walking Dead, or MCU fan come early the lines will be long.

For more information, find them at: http://www.hsvexpo.com/

Additional information about this con: http://www.hsvexpo.com/guests/